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Our CEO, Richard Hardie was recenty asked to talk at The Milk Shake Club, a club that hosts networking sessions for organisations, business and learners from Fairmont High School in Parkwood so that they can learn from each other. The idea is to expose learners to different career options and give them a platform where they can learn from others and be guided. Though it is open for organisations and businesses the focus is on the learners and how to improve the community.

Richard had the pleasure of meeting Cara from The Online Art Shop (link at the end of the story) and was truly inspired by this project. Online Art Shop specializes in high quality print reproductions of a wide range of fine artists and photographers' work. Online Art Shop believes strongly in promoting South African art, culture and heritage. In addition to the work of established and investment artists our unique Grassroots Art Project and Art of History Project are aimed and bring images of disadvantaged artists and rare historical photographs to art consumers. We custom print on order and ship nationally and internationally. Buyers are also welcome to order your prints online and pick up your parcel at our offices in Fish Hoek, Western Cape.


Some of the best kept secrets in artistic talent are hidden deep in South Africa's townships and rural areas. The Grass Roots Art Project seeks to bring these artists out in the open to promote equity through fine art entrepreneurialism and self-employment as these promising artists seldom manage to establish a viable following to earn a living from their gift. The Grassroots Art Project's aim is to help start disadvantaged artists careers by generating a perpetual income through the sale of Giclée prints. High quality ink and papers makes the disadvantaged artists' images available to the discerning art consumer. Artworks are reproduced and sold on the Online Art Shop's platform alongside established artists' work. Investing in emerging artists  images supports socioeconomic development and one day the artist may turn out to be the next great discovery.

To buy art and support this incredible project, click here .

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