She is an amazing estate agent and worth every cent

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To whom it may concern

Our house, on Kelvin Road Newlands, had been on the market since February 2019.

It was a very stressful time as we needed to sell asap. After months of nothing happening, we decided to bring Lyndsay Child on-board. That same week Lyndsay brought a client, who put in an offer immediately!!

Lyndsay drove up and down between us ( the seller ) and the potential buyer in the middle of the night on a Sunday evening!

This was on the same day the potential buyer viewed.

She was in contact with me through every step of the way.

Even though we received and accepted the offer, Lyndsay still kept on working on marketing our house. Bringing more potential buyers to view, just in case the first offer to purchase didn't go through.

She did not stop trying untill the bond was approved.

I honestly have never seen an agent so dedicated in selling a house.

Not once did I feel she's just another agent trying to make a commission.

Lyndsay made me feel like she's got my back. She was emotionally there for me too. She became a friend.

I felt from day one that I could trust that she has my best interest at heart and was very transparent with the whole process.

Then I must add, all this happened in 2 weeks!!

It took Lyndsay 2 weeks to do what other agents have tried to do for months!

I can not recommend Lyndsay enough. She is an amazing estate agent and worth every cent and more!

Kind regards

C & R Lillie

Author: C & R Lillie

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